A curated list of podcasts for executive assistants and administrative professionals.*


The Leader Assistant Podcast

The Leader Assistant Podcast™ exists to encourage and challenge assistants to become confident, game-changing Leader Assistants.

Hosted by Jeremy Burrows, longtime executive assistant and author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant, this practical and inspirational podcast covers a variety of topics including productivity, time management, resisting burnout, leadership, and artificial intelligence as it relates to the future of the assistant role.

Are you ready to become the #LeaderAssistant the world needs?

Host: Jeremy Burrows

Launched: March 2019

REACH - A Podcast for Executive Assistants

REACH is for the Executive Assistant who hustles hard, strives for excellence and is committed to seeking out life’s “aha moments” to help you reach the next stage in your development and career. In each episode, expect to gain invaluable insight from our personal network of Executive Assistants whose careers span the Fortune 500, Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms and your favorite tech companies and start-ups. Hosted by Maven Recruiting Group’s Founder and CEO, Jessica Vann, this is your opportunity to participate in the solidarity of listening to people who “get it.” REACH is designed to inspire your workday, guide you through pivotal moments in your career and transform you into the Executive Assistant you’ve always wanted to be.

Host: Jessica Vann

Launched: October 2019

The Whole Assistant Podcast with Annie Croner

The Whole Assistant Podcast is hosted by Annie Croner, an assistant who is passionate about our profession, and a certified coach who is invested in your success. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know what it looks like to stand in your power, and achieve success free from overwhelm & burnout.

Host: Annie Croner

Launched: April 2022

Courageous Help

How are assistants changing the world? In this bi-weekly series, current and former assistants will explore the various ways assistants are challenging the status quo — from impacting global business practices to molding new career paths and beyond.

Host: Natalie Turner

Launched: February 2022

The Future Assistant

Diana Brandl has always been passionate about the profession of assistant. After almost 20 years of professional experience as an executive assistant at well-known international companies, she now accompanies assistants as a trainer and coach and makes them "fit for the future".

The Future Assistant plays a major role in this, because topics such as New Work, digitization, artificial intelligence and the world of work 4.0 will be essential for assistants in the future. And that is exactly what Diana talks about in this podcast and invites various experts to do so.

Host: Diana Brandl

Launched: December 2019

Assist with Impact

with Liz Van Vliet

If you're ready to be more proactive and be the "little hinge that can swing big doors," then Assist With Impact is a must-listen podcast.

Join host Liz Van Vliet and learn practical tips, strategies and insights that will help you move beyond being simply an order-taker.

Host: Liz Van Vliet

Launched: June 2016

Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast

Join international speakers and trainers, Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans as they tackle the burning issues for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, their executives and teams in today’s complicated and demanding workplace. Listen in and stay up-to-the-minute with Bonnie, Vickie, and their guests. Bonnie and Vickie have been professional colleagues and friends for more than a decade. Since 2011, they have been traveling the world teaching “Be the Ultimate Assistant” training workshops, speaking at international conferences, and training inside corporations. They are both passionately committed to affecting positive change in the global workplace through tackling the burning challenges for today’s professional assistants and managers.

Hosts: Bonnie Low-Kramen & Vickie Sokol Evans

Launched: January 2015

The Assistants Together Podcast

Assistants Together launched at the beginning of the pandemic. Created as an outlet for Assistants and industry leaders to share truly inspiring stories of survival and success. Hosted by Henrietta Barker, a London based Recruiter for Administrative Talent.

Host: Henrietta Barker

Launched: November 2019

EA & PA Chataway with Lindsay

Hosted by Lindsay Taylor, Founder & Director of Your Excellency Limited, the EA & PA Chataway with Lindsay podcast features inspirational EAs, PAs and industry leaders in the Administrative Professional community.

Host: Lindsay Taylor

Launched: November 2020

Exceptional Admins

In collaboration with admins, executives, and influencers, Hilani Ellis, a retired EA turn specialized partner, broadcasts content revolving around being an Exceptional Admin. Expect many laughs and thought provoking conversations that leave you refreshed, inspired, and smarter.

Host: Hilani Ellis

Launched: October 2019

The Ambitious Admin

The Ambitious Admin Podcast with Anna MacDonald helps new corporate assistants take a proactive approach to their skill development and build the confidence to bring their whole authentic, dynamic, powerful selves to work. The goal of this podcast give you the support & guidance that is so often missing for the role of administrative professionals and provide a space where you can feel heard, understood and appreciated.

Host: Anna MacDonald

Launched: March 2021

The Assistant Room

Essential listening for the global Personal and Executive Assistant industry, throughout each episode we deep dive into the lives and experiences of some of the top Personal and Executive Assistants in the UK and beyond.

Host: Jessica Gardiner

Launched: October 2019

*This page is my attempt to curate an exhaustive list of all podcasts produced specifically for or about the executive assistant role. While many of these shows are certainly worth your time, I have not listened to all episodes of all shows, so inclusion on this list does not equal an endorsement. In other words, do your own research. Read the reviews, listen for yourself, check out the website of each host, etc. Happy listening!

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